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Brands We Love...

There are so many incredible brands out there creating wonderful products for new mums and bubs and we wanted to share a few of our favourites with you...


Frankly Eco

We love the Frankly Eco range because it’s packed with natural plant-based goodness and organic essential oils, and is free from any nasties making it safe for you, your family, and for the environment.

Our picks...

For baby: the Baby Bum Cream - reduces skin redness and soreness (including Eczema) within hours and can be used on other skin areas - not just baby bums - anywhere there’s a potential moisture build up.

For mum: Nipple Ointment - To soothe and soften sore nipples from pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. As with all Frankly Eco products, it contains only natural plant-based ingredients, meaning any residue left is not going to be harmful to your baby when they feed. Bonus points because it can also be used on lips, elbows, cuticles and even stretch marks.

Mama Body Tea

The perfect way to enjoy one of our cookies is with a steaming hot cuppa - and with a range of blends to help at every stage of your journey, we can’t go past Mama Body Tea. A tasty, caffeine-free way to nurture you and your bump throughout your pregnancy, help support lactation, promote healthy milk flow & soothe bubs digestion, to balance hormones and promote reproductive health, or to specific blends for mum and dads wellness.

Kiki & Spice

We adore the beautiful bamboo wraps by Kiki & Spice. Lightweight and thermal regulating, they will keep your little one cool in summer and warm in winter. They’re super gentle on sensitive skin - bamboo fiber retains some of the natural antibacterial properties of bamboo and perfect for babies and children prone to skin irritations and allergies.

TOM Organic

Australia uses a staggering 5.6 million nappies every day (x10 the number of wipes). We love TOM Organic for their range of eco nappies and wipes that exist to ensure optimum performance without compromise on the environment.

A female-founded company, TOM Organics period, maternity, and baby ranges are made using naturally derived materials wherever possible which are sustainable and planet-friendly, hypoallergenic, breathable and more gentle on the skin.