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The general population snacks too much. Too many people overconsume mainly because people do not nourish themselves properly when their body desires and actually needs fuel but also because they have been falsely educated that one much “keep their metabolism” going by eating every few hours.   As a mum,...

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newborn baby

Is baby getting enough? – key signs to watch out for

Key signs to watch out for It is so tricky to gauge how much your baby is getting from your breast but here are a few key signs to watch out for. Less than 3 baby hand sized poos per day in the first month. This sign is not as...

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breastfeeding mother on bed with newborn baby

The Amazing Functions of Breastfeeding

This ones for you Mum! We often think breastfeeding is all about delivering optimal nutrition for the baby. Many mums are actually unaware of the amazing benefits that they are getting from carrying out this phenomenal, innate function. Ladies, here is a list to get excited about and give you...

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Franjos Kitchen Muesli

Milk boosting daily meal plan

When you are breastfeeding and just generally trying to keep up with life, sometimes you need someone to do the thinking for you.  To help take some thinking out of your day, I have pulled together some great meal ideas that will help boost your milk supply and as an...

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Motherhood - Mother in bed with baby


Motherhood, what a crazy-beautiful journey.   We embark on this adventure often bright eyed and ‘ready’ for the wonderful milestones, the cuddles, the cuteness and the fulfilling of our birthright, to be mothers.   However, like any part of our life, motherhood is full of polarities. The ups and downs...

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Jo with her kids - Breastfeeding Twins

Breastfeeding Twins - Jo's top tips!

There is no denying it, feeding a baby, whether it is a singleton or twins is extremely demanding on so many levels and in some cases it can be too much and yes just too hard and I can fully appreciate that. In my case I was lucky enough to...

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What to pack in your hospital bag

When I was pregnant with Phoebe I was FILLED with anxiety about what to pack in my hospital bag and what I actually needed for a newborn. Buying nappies was seemingly an impossible task and I had NO idea what a bunny rug was (it’s a stretchy square of fabric to swaddle a baby in).


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