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Francesca Woods with new born baby

Post Baby Blues, or something more?

Frans story and PANDA Mental Health Checklist... This week is PANDA awareness week. I have spoken before about my struggles after having Margot and today I want to open up a little more about the signs and symptoms I experienced. I have always been impacted by hormones, and during my pregnancy...

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Gowildmama breastfeeding mother | how long does it take for lactation biscuits to work?


What are they and why they’re supporting mums breastfeeding As a naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist, I love to learn about the incredible health enhancing properties of food and herbs. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t acknowledge the gift that real, wholefoods can give each and everyone...

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When it all goes to..

When it all goes to SHIT!

'Parenting is HARD' One of my friends and colleagues @clementine.georgia from wrote this amazing passage on her Instagram feed. I loved it and thought it was quite fitting for my blog today. “Parenting is HARD! My days are often full of questioning myself as to whether I have challenged you...

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Adriennes breastfeeding story

Adrienne's breastfeeding story

We love sharing our customer's stories here on our blog We hope that real life experiences might help you too. This too, is a response to Fran's own story and really shows how every persons journey is so different, yet similar in the feelings and emotions that we all feel. ...

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mother holding baby

Energy boosting tips for Mums

...without relying solely on coffee!  Up 5 times last night with your little possum? Trying to squish in some work whilst the kids sleep? Whoops… did you skip breakfast? Running around after a toddler? Working long hours whilst also doing the parent thing? Feeding a 6 month old milk drinking...

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Motherhood - Mother in bed with baby


Motherhood, what a crazy-beautiful journey.   We embark on this adventure often bright eyed and ‘ready’ for the wonderful milestones, the cuddles, the cuteness and the fulfilling of our birthright, to be mothers.   However, like any part of our life, motherhood is full of polarities. The ups and downs...

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The Breastfeeding Series Part 1

What to expect in the early days after your baby is born by Lois Wattis We are thrilled to present a three part series written by Lois Wattis  RN CM IBCLC FACM and author of the fabulous book New Baby 101 - A midwife's guide for new parents. Part 1:...

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