Products and Ingredients

What is a galactogogue?
Galactagogue is a Greek word referring to a substance that promotes lactation. Oats, brewer’s yeast, almonds and flaxseeds have a reputation for promoting a healthy supply of breastmilk which is why we use them in our Tanker Topper range.

What do your Tanker Topper biscuits taste like?
We could be a tad biased but we reckon they are absolutely delicious! The taste can best be described as a cross between a delicious oat biscuit and a muesli slice. The choc chip flavour is quite decadent while the fig and almond has a subtle sweetness with an extra crunch from the almonds. You may notice a very mild salty aftertaste as a result of the brewer’s yeast. Your best option is to order a few flavours and decide which one you like best.

Can I eat your Tanker Topper range while pregnant?
Yes and many do! Our Tanker Toppers are full of wholesome ingredients making them a great snack for anyone, including pregnant mums. Just beware – many husbands have reported Tanker Topper addiction.

Why don’t you use eggs, wheat and dairy in your products?
As a naturopath and nutritionist, Jo is a firm believer in limiting dairy, eggs and wheat in the diet. We also want our biscuits to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. Excluding these ingredients means our products are suitable for vegans as well as many people with food allergies and sensitivities.

If I eat chocolate while breastfeeding, will it make my baby grumpy?
Some babies are sensitive to cow’s milk. If you consume dairy, the cow’s milk protein might pass through your milk and cause your baby to become unsettled. At Franjo’s our chocolate is dairy free so it doesn’t contain any cow’s milk.

How long do your products last?
That depends on how many you eat! All our sealed containers have a shelf life of 12months from the production date. Once opened, we recommend consuming the contents within two weeks as we don’t use any preservatives in our products.

What do you mean by refined-sugar free?
Instead of cane, white or regular brown sugar, we use organic coconut sugar and organic maple syrup. These are more nutrient-dense. Our crackers contain no added sugar at all.

Ordering and Postage

How do you post?
We currently use Australia Post and Fastway couriers.

Do you post internationally?
If you are based overseas and would like to try our products, we can absolutely send them to you. Just email to get the ball (or biscuits) rolling.

How do I find out the status of my order?
If you’re wondering where your delivery is, please email us and we’ll track it down! For subscriptions, when are the biscuits posted? The first month’s supply will be sent out within 24 hours of ordering. After that, we will ship each month’s supply so it arrives on or about 30 days after the previous one.

What if I run out early?
Franjo’s Kitchen website copy July 2018 Letus know [email hyperlink to and we’ll send you some extra!

How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing us If your next months’ subscription has already been posted, we are unable to cancel it. The cancellation will be effective from the next scheduled delivery.

Do you do gift certificates?
Absolutely! A subscription to our Tanker Topper range is such a wonderful present to give a new mum. Please email us with your request and we will send you a beautiful gift card to pass on. To redeem the gift, the recipient will just need to refer to the gift certificate (including name and number) in the comments section on our shop page and we’ll do the rest!

Can I buy your products in store?
Yes! We sell all over Australia. Check out our stockists here.

How can I stock your products in my store?
We’d love you to join our family of stockists. Please email us email us so we can discuss further.

Do you send out samples?
Unfortunately we don’t. But we do attend several expos throughout the year where we offer complimentary tastings. Stay tuned onour Facebook and Instagram pages.

Do you accept returns?
Franjo's Kitchen does not accept returns unless the product is faulty or wrongly described. If you are unhappy with your order please email us