Tanker Toppers FAQ’s

How many varieties of Tanker Toppers – Biscuits for your Boobs are there?

Four biscuits
Regular: Choc Chip and Fig & Almond
Gluten free: – Currant & Coconut and Choc Chip GF

Fennel & Fenugreek

Maple, Date & Walnut Crunchy Muesli

How do Tanker Toppers work?

Our Tanker Toppers contain 100% natural ingredients. All there to help nourish mothers. A nourished mother is better able to respond to the demands of breastfeeding. Each of our Tanker Toppers contain ingredients known as ‘galactagogues’ a word to describe foods that may increase breast milk production and these include oats (not found in the gluten free variety), brewers yeast (gluten free brewers is used in the gluten free biscuits), and flaxseeds. Anecdotally these ingredients have been used for centuries by breast feeding mothers.

How many Tanker Toppers should I be eating per day?

Our recommended serve is 2-4 biscuits or crackers or 60gm of muesli. To be eaten in one sitting a few hours prior to feeding.

Can I eat the whole tin of Tankers?

Yes you can. However, please be mindful. We do know it is hard to stop! We recommend you have 2-4 biscuits / crackers or 60gm of muesli 3-4 hours before feeding.  

Why is my milk supply low?

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing low milk supply. Jo, our naturopath suggests you look at your situation and your body holistically. When you first begin to breast feed it can take a number of days for your milk to come in.  You have just given birth, it is going to take a while for your body to adjust and for the hormones to kick in. Whatever your situation or what ever age your baby is, if you are breastfeeding please consider the following:

  • REST! Do you have too much going on? You need time out…Ha… what is that?? Please do try.
  • Ensure you are feeding your newborn regularly, every 3 hours at least at the beginning to help stimulate your supply. You may need to wake your newborn and feed regularly. If your baby is older and sleeping through and does not require extra milk at night you may still need to get up and express to boost your supply. Jo, who has twins, was still getting up at 4am until her babies were 6 months old to express even though they were sleeping through. This ensured she had enough for her babies the next day and was keeping up with them in general.
  • Make sure you are eating well and nourishing yourself. Lots of plant based, whole, real foods. We know you are thinking about your waistline here but that is for later, if you are not eating enough you will notice a drop in your supply.
  • Drink loads more water and lactation herbal teas (coffee and caffeine will dehydrate you, stay away from these). At least 3L per day for one baby is what you need to drink.
  • What are your stress levels like? We know you have a baby and it is undoubtedly one of the most stressful times in your life. It is also one of the most special times  and you want to look back on it positively. Are you taking your quality multivitamins? Do you need extra support that maybe a complementary practitioner can provide you with? Do you need to do incorporate 5 minutes of mindfulness mediation daily, do you need to work on the budget and get a babysitter in a few hours a week? Have you gone back to the gym and begin exercise again? Do you need to book a massage? Do you need to see a counselor for a chat and work on your priorities and expectations?
  • Are you getting adequate sleep? Yeah, we know, NO!!! So, how can you structure your day and your sleeping habits so you can perhaps get a nap in during the day and definitely get at least 3-4 hours of solid uninterrupted sleep at night? Get your partner to do the dream feed, start bottle feeding your baby with expressed milk perhaps, go to bed at 8pm instead of 9.30?, is it time to consider sleep school?
  • More skin to skin time with your baby to boost your breastfeeding hormones, especially when they are newborns
  • Maybe try a specific lactation herbal mix from your naturopath
  • Is your baby latching on correctly and stimulating your supply adequately?
  • You may some hormonal imbalances going on. Please talk to your health care practitioner about this.
  • Whilst you are managing and working on all of the above… Eat, enjoy and reap the rewards from munching on our Tanker Toppers.
  • If in doubt, we recommend you seek support from a qualified lactation consultant, they are worth their weight in gold!

Should I express colostrum prior to the birth of my baby?

This question is best answered by the practitioner looking after you. Many women do however begin to start expressing colostrum prior to birth. The main reason for colostrum collection prior to birth is to not only possibly assist with bringing on your milk supply when you do give birth but to also collect colostrum for their baby should they need extra in those first few weeks of life or if for some reason mum and bub are initially separated post birth just as Jo was from Florence, one of her twins. Flo went to the special care unit for 24hrs. Jo’s husband Ed used Jo’s expressed colostrum to feed to Flo during this time. It was so beneficial for Flo but it was also the beginning of a very special bond with her Dad. Jo believes expressing this colostrum and also expressing within hours post birth was key to establishing a good supply that assisted Jo in being able to feed her babies exclusively for 16months and counting.

We believe expressing is a terrific idea if your situation permits it. The risk of you going in to premature labour is pretty low but in some cases even a slight risk is too risky even at 37weeks. Please discuss with your midwife or obstetrician.

What do Tanker Toppers taste like?

We think Tanker Toppers are delicious but of course we are a little biased. Our Tanker Toppers taste like a cross between a delicious oat biscuit and a muesli slice. You may notice a very mild salty or “sharp” after taste, that is the brewers yeast doing its magic helping your Tanks fill up quickly!

Why wheat and dairy free? (Fig & Almond and Choc Chip Tanker and Fennel and Fenugreek Savoury Tanker)

As believers of limiting dairy and wheat in one’s diet for good health our biscuits also meet the needs of those who are intolerant to these foods.  Being egg and honey free we tick the box for vegans as well.

Are your tanker toppers gluten free?

We have a gluten free range of Tanker Toppers (insert link). The rest of the Tanker Toppers range includes oats and the brewers yeast which traces of gluten so both biscuits and crackers should be avoided by those who have coeliac disease. If you have an intolerance to wheat however you may be able to tolerate our Tanker Topper products.

Are your Tanker Toppers vegan?

Yes, 100% and we are super proud of this. We tend to prefer to call them plant based whole foods – they are 100% full of nourishing REAL FOOD.

Could I eat Tanker Toppers whilst pregnant?

Absolutely! Our Tanker Toppers are a nutritional powerhouse and will help prepare your body for the demands of breastfeeding whilst nourishing you in this incredibly special time. Just be careful and not to overdo it. We have had a number of pregnant mums have a few too many and milk the bed overnight!

Can I change my subscription?

Yes if you only want particular flavours in your subscription please e-mail Beth our operations manager at: operations@franjoskitchen.com Once you have placed your order and she will update your details to ensure your favourites are included.

Can I upgrade to Express Post

Yes, this option is available at check out. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, orders placed for New Zealand are sent directly from NZ. For all other countries please e-mail operations@franjoskitchen.com for a shipping quote.

Do you wholesale your products?

Yes, our wholesale stockists are listed here. If you would like to become a wholesale stockist please e-mail wholesale@franjoskitchen.com (Australia) or wholesalenz@franjoskitchen.com (NZ).