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Returning to work, for breastfeeding mamas!

Returning to work, for breastfeeding mamas!

Returning to work as a Mama doesn’t have to mean putting an end to your breastfeeding journey. Many beautiful Mama’s are able to return to work and maintain their milk supply and continue to bond through feeding their baby. There are many different ways to continue your breastfeeding journey while working. 

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Breastfeeding Into Toddlerhood!

Breastfeeding Into Toddlerhood!

Today we want to chat about breastfeeding into toddlerhood, the benefits, the pros, and what health bodes around the world day. Over 90% of mothers in Australia will initiate breastfeeding after birth. Some families have a very specific idea of how long they wish to breastfeed, others may find it doesn’t work for them and end sooner. Whatever you decide, just know any time spent breastfeeding will do your baby a world of good, if you want and choose to. 

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I cried the first time my baby had formula...

I cried the first time my baby had formula...

I cried when I gave Phoebe my first daughter a bottle of formula. Not because there is anything wrong with it (spoiler alert / there’s not) but because I thought it spelt the beginning of the end of breastfeeding.  She was three months old and I weaned her at 18 months (my choice not hers).

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