Hydrate Me Bundle
Hydrate Me Bundle Hydrate Me Bundle Hydrate Me Bundle Hydrate Me Bundle

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So glad I found this!

After months of struggling to drink enough water through nausea this powder has been a game changer for me!

Anna K

On seeing the little packets arrive I thought - gee these were expensive for what you get. But a little of this powder goes a LONG way!!! It’s flavored otherwise boring water and made it so much nicer to keep my fluids up. Glad I bought it.


This is the nicest thing I do for myself everyday. I’m pregnant and have always struggled to get any water in through the day. This powder makes it so easy - I put a scoop into a 1L bottle and I am able to easily drink it through the day. Has also helped my constipation.

Emma O’Rourke

Hydration Powder Bundle duo (2)- Supercharged with electrolytes for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and beyond.

George R
Best hydration powder!

This powder has been a lifesaver through pregnancy to ensure I drink enough water and has been even better to use after birth when breastfeeding. The flavour is delicious!

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Hydrate Me Bundle

Mums at all stages of their motherhood journey need to ensure they are properly hydrated. Our hydration powder is perfect for you if:

- You’re pregnant and struggling with nausea and all-day sickness.

- You’re preparing to give birth and want a healthy way to stay hydrated during the marathon of labour.

- You’re breastfeeding and struggling to keep your water intake up.

- You’re running around after toddlers or older kids and struggle to drink the recommended amount of water for your weight, height and caffeine intake (for every cup of coffee, you need to drink two cups of water).

Hydration Powder Pouch

(50 servings per pouch)

When you’re growing, birthing, nursing or raising a bubba, it’s vital to stay hydrated. Loaded with natural ingredients like coconut water, cranberry powder and ground ginger, combined with the delicious taste of Australian blood orange, this magical powder will turn your drink bottle into your bestie.

Did you know, your body prefers water that has plant-based compounds and electrolytes in it? As a result, your body will absorb water that includes our hydration powder more readily than plain water. The result? Better hydration for your sipping efforts.

On-The-Go Hydration Box

10 single sachets with 3 servings (9g) in each sachet (30 total servings).

Our bestselling hydration powder is supercharged with electrolytes to support all stages of motherhood from pregnancy through to breastfeeding and beyond. It’s also healthy, and delicious and is now available in take-with-you sachets to make mum's life a little bit easier. Whether you’re heading to the hospital, the park, the office or the gym, these convenient sachets are a handbag/nappy bag essential. Simply pop one sachet into 750 mls of water, give it a shake and sip your way to feeling fresh, focused and ready for the juggle. With the delicious taste of Australian blood orange and hydrating powers of coconut water, it’ll turn your handbag into a mobile hydration station.

Developed by mums including a naturopath and a midwife.

Vegan (dairy-free).

Made in Australia. Gluten-free. Caffeine-free. 100% natural

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