Franjo LowRes March 16

Franjo’s Kitchen is a collaboration between Fran and Jo.

Fran is a lawyer and mum to Phoebe and Margot. Jo is a naturopath, nutritionist and wellness consultant and mum to Matilda and twins Florence and Charles.

Back in 2013 Fran and Jo were each out walking with their then babies Phoebe and Matilda. They met at the traffic lights, got chatting, decided to walk together and the rest is history.

Fran’s background is in corporate retail as a lawyer and has a passion for food, juggling writing breakfast reviews, food columns and running pop up restaurants with her corporate career. Jo is an experienced naturopath, nutritionist and wellness consultant with an obvious zeal for her craft who was embarking on a journey of developing nutritious and health promoting food products. Once they got chatting, Franjo’s Kitchen seemed obvious, they could combine their experiences and skills and create something wonderful.

Fran and Jo are passionate about creating a healthy snack business for new mums and their families and excited about what the future holds.