Delicious gluten-free snacks for the whole family.

Did your hubby and kids raid your stash of Tanker Topper Lactation Cookies when you weren’t looking? Tell them to keep their hands off and stock up on some Kooka’s Natural cookies.

Our Kooka’s Natural cookies are a nutritious snack the whole family will love. Packed with organic and 100% natural ingredients, these cookies are a pantry staple for health conscious families. They’re perfect to enjoy with your daily cup of tea or to whip out when you want to impress visitors. Available in a range of delectable flavours, it’s impossible to pick a favourite.

Like the rest of our product range, these cookies have been formulated by Jo, a naturopath and nutritionist. Jo doesn’t let any dodgy ingredients sneak into her recipes which is why you’ll never find any refined sugar or preservatives in our products. Only nourishing, nutrient-rich ingredients that support a healthy lifestyle.

Kooka’s Natural was Jo’s original business baby and the range was officially adopted into the Franjo’s family in 2017.

 Don’t have another cup of tea without these moreish morsels on your saucer. Pop ‘em in your shopping cart! Your tummy (and your family) will thank you.