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Delicious gluten-free snacks for the whole family.

Finding delicious, healthy, gluten-free snacks can be a nightmare. While the range is expanding, many of the products taste like craft glue, contain unhealthy ingredients and cost an absolute bomb.

We don’t think anyone should miss out on yummy, wholesome snacks just because they have a gluten allergy or sensitivity. That’s why we are constantly expanding our range of gluten-free products.

Our gluten-free biscuits and crackers have been specifically formulated by Jo, a naturopath and nutritionist, to support you through different stages of life. But that shouldn’t (and won’t) stop all members of the family from enjoying them.

Our Tanker Topper biscuits have been designed to nourish breastfeeding mums and support a healthy milk supply. Our Belly Bump crackers* are ideal for pregnant mums who want a tummy-settling snack. While the orange hazelnut cookies from our Kooka’s Natural range are a pantry staple for anyone following a gluten-free diet.

Want a gluten-free snack that’s healthy and delicious? Take your pick!

*Please note: The crackers are prepared on a surface that may contain small traces of gluten.