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Introducing Franjos Kitchen Monthly Subscriptions!

We don’t want your supply [of cookies OR milk] drying up - that’s why we’ve introduced our subscription option. It’s a great set and forget option if you’re prone to forgetting, or want to ensure you maintain a consistent supply.

We have also included our amazing Motherhood Blend  - An enriching elixir to energise your body and calm your mind. Powered by Ārepa, the ultimate brain food. Taken daily, this will help banish brain fog! 

Our lactation cookie subscriptions are available in two options - standard and gluten free - the subscription option provides over $100 value each month for just $88. 

Our Motherhood subscription delivers two packs to you each month saving you $30 a month! 

Even better? We’ll deliver it to your door, so you don’t have to find a clean pair of leggings to leave the house in.

No unsubscribing fees and free shipping - it's a no brainer! 

By Subscribing to Franjo's Kitchen monthly subscriptions you accept the Terms & Conditions