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Tanker Toppers are delicious! And just the energy boost this mother with a wee baby needed. A perfect size, moist and both varieties are very tasty. I had to hide my packets to stop my family raiding them!


As a first time mum it’s really hard to know what works… these bikkies helped me increase my supply, were so delicious I could have eaten the whole bag in one night! Def would recommend to all my friends! They were even delivered to my door in those first few weeks. They really made me feel like I was having a wholesome treat!


Franjo's Tanker Toppers are healthy, yummy and noticeably boosted my supply, amazing! I struggled to stop at 3 bikkies!


Buying for a friend

Our friend in Brisbane has been struggling with “filling up the tanks”, her twins are depleting stock levels at a rapid pace. She is so happy with your cookies and has really appreciated them as gifts, especially as a new mum! Unfortunately, she made this mistake of eating half a tin on the first day and blames it on the fact that they were (in her words), “too delicious” and has dropped down to 2 or 3 a day (as recommended) as leakage became an issue. So thanks again Fran, these little treats have earned me a lot of brownie points in Rochelle’s circle of friends.


Thanks very much! I think you have created a beautiful product, I love that the ingredients are all natural, they taste so wholesome and even the packaging is very cute. I think they are great value. They have made a really lovely gift for new mummy friends.  I have definitely noticed an increase in my supply and am incredibly grateful!


That was amazing!!!! Two hours after I did my online order, there they were on the doorstep!!! Thanks!! I wasn't expecting that!! I bought some for me and a friend who has a 3 day old baby after someone was raving about them on Facebook!! 


I received the order yesterday and had my first cookie and today have been swimming in milk! Fabulous product. I really don't expect it to work so quick. I ate one and thought 'oh well if they don't work they're a delicious snack' but wow I certainly had milk to go with those cookies haha!!


I’ve had 5(!!) today and my boobs definitely feel bigger and bubs didn’t thrash around like she usually does! So def more milk! These biscuits are the best – love them!


Hi guys. My friend send me some of your tanker toppers which arrived yesterday morning. I had 3 yesterday and already my milk has gone insane. My 9 week old son has decided to go on a breast strike which has been going on for over a week now .
I've been pumping and over the past few days have had to top up with formula which I have HATED. No longer will I have to do this! The increase has been consistently 50 - 60mls more each pump. Crazy! Just wanted to say a huge thank you. The friend who sent them is a midwife at St Vincent's Private in Melbourne and has already said she will tell everyone about them based on my results as well as the equally amazing results of a colleague. 


So when I used your product for the first time it was too hard to tell if they did increase my milk supply as baby was too little and o had nothing to compare it too... Now baby is 4 months and I started using them again and wow!!! My supply has definitely increased! Magic! Thanks for a great product

Via survey

Tanker Toppers are not only delicious but amazingly effective, without question they enabled me to continue feeding my son Breast Milk during difficulties that would have otherwise resulted in me weaning much earlier than planned. Thank you so much for a fantastic product xx

I'm absolutely loving these biscuits you can definitely see a increase in milk after having a few of these delicious biscuits so now I don't have to worry about not producing enough milk for the baby while running after my twins and helping my 6year old!!!!!!!

I was astounded at how effective these biscuits are. They taste great, are dairy & soy flour free (very important for my little one's allergies) and really work! Thank you!

I am really pleased with Franjo's Kitchen lactation cookies, not only do they work but they taste great too! It's great to be able to buy such products rather than having to worry about baking just after having a little one and I feel so much better now knowing my little man is getting all the milk he needs!

Lois Wattis RN CM IBCLC FACM  

Franjo's Kitchen Lactation Cookies are nourishing and delicious as well as excellent to boost your breastmilk supply. Enjoy!

Susan Shaw, Lactation Consultant

My mothers have been very happy with all your products, great tasting snacks full of the right natural ingredients and best part is they didn’t have to bake them!


I got my bikkies yesterday. Didn't really notice a change. I did eat a lot oops. I had two this morning around 5am after a feed. Bub is now asleep after just one side. They're amazing. Thank you so much. I will defs be purchasing more on Friday. Thank you so much for a well priced product that works


Can I just say, you lovely mumma are a legend!! I bought two tins yesterday, have had 4 biscuits so far. I was at a point in our bf journey (7months in second child) where I was about to buy formula (there is NOTHING wrong with it, used it for my first) but I want to enjoy my last baby a little more. I figured two tins of your biscuits is the sane cost as a tin of formula, so I will try the biscuits first. I will add, I have tried to make them but can never get a batch the same and they do not taste as good as yours! So 4 biscuits in, I am now able to pump extra milk again! THANK YOU!!!!


A quick shoutout to @franjoskitchen for making such amazing (and totally delicious!!) lactation cookies!! After 3 nights of cluster feeding ALL NIGHT and of hardly any sleep, I tried a sample cookie I was given in the Baobag by the @matermothers hospital. After just one biscuit my milk supply was boosted 10 fold and this little babe did 4 hourly feeds over night and I will be heading out today to stock up!!! This mumma is feeling much more refreshed this morning that is for sure!! So to all the breastfeeding mumma's out there, I would highly recommend you give @franjoskitchen lactation cookies a try! You will not regret it!! 


Thankyou thankyou! Notice such a difference when I'm not snacking on these during the day. Best ever! x

Ali Elizabeth

I love how quickly these work! I eat 3 after my 9am feed and I'm literally bursting with fullness by his 2pm feed all the way through to his night feeds. They have worked amazingly and taste delicious and can't wait to receive my ordered tins. Thank you for sharing and making an incredible product to help us Mummas!