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Signs of pregnancy

8 Early Signs that Could Indicate You're Pregnant

How to tell when you’re expecting...

8 early signs that could indicate there’s a bun in the oven 

Feeling a little different? Not quite sure what it is? Are you possibly expecting? Today, we run you through some of the earliest pregnancy signs.  Some women experience symptoms as early as one week after conception, while others may only experience some of these after a few weeks. Regardless of when you experience symptoms, it's important to know what to look out for. 

  • A missed period
  • ...that will not return for another 9-10 months, give or take (breastfeeding often prolongs the return of your period). A missed period is generally one of the very first signs that you might be expecting a little one. Enjoy it while it lasts, when your flow returns after birth it tends to do so with a vengeance. 

    1. Feeling absolutely beat

    When you could quite literally fall asleep on your feet. Pregnancy exhaustion is so real - and it can be very difficult when you've got an endless to-do list. Typically during the first trimester (first three months of your pregnancy), you can expect to feel completely exhausted, all of the time - no matter how much sleep you get. This is due to your body working in overdrive to develop and nurture a beautiful new life. This is tough work!

    1. Sporadic Cramping 

    Cramping that seems to come and go, which is unusual for you at this point in your cycle. This could be implantation cramping - an early sign of pregnancy - generally occurs at 12-16 days after ovulation, and might be coupled with light spotting ranging in color from peach to pink to red. This is known as implantation spotting. This is when the egg and sperm, which have conjoined into a blastocyst, burrow deep into the uterine lining to prepare for that sweet baby to grow. 

    1. Mood swings, oh boy

    Are you feeling as if your fuse is a lot shorter or have you been crying at the drop of a hat? This is very normal and is due to the hormone fluctuations occurring in your body and is a very common sign of early pregnancy. This symptom may or may not go away for the duration of your pregnancy. A little wives tale - if you are pregnant with a girl, your moods tend to be more exaggerated as opposed to being pregnant with a boy due to the increased level of estrogen between the two of you, who knows! 

    1. Tender boobs

    Something as simple as putting on or taking off a bra, or stepping into a shower can send you into tears. Your breasts may feel extremely sensitive or very bruised and painful. It's all part of the process but it will pass, promise. 

    1. Oh so queasy 

    This the most common side effect of early pregnancy, aside from an absent menstrual period. Let's be real: this can be one of the hardest experiences during pregnancy, and one of the very worst symptoms. But, in a positive light, it's also one of the most telltale signs that a pregnancy is occurring, and it's said the more nauseous you feel, the stronger your pregnancy is (the higher the levels of the pregnancy hormone HCG).

    Embrace this as a sign that your pregnancy is going well, and try to get through it day by day. You can do it, mama! Sometimes, sipping small bits of ginger ale, eating ginger candy or drinking ginger tea, or crackers can help that feeling.  Keep these on hand, and have some first thing in the morning to keep those waves of nausea at bay. 

    If your morning sickness is too intense and you are vomiting more than a few times per day, talk with your midwife or doctor about possible medications as you may have a more serious problem, known as Hyperemesis Gravidarium.  

    1. Crazy cravings 

    This one may or may not hit you for a few weeks after conception, but if and when it does, you’ll know. How does chocolate-covered, salty breakfast cereal sound to you? If you answered 'delicious', you might be pregnant! Legend has it that if you crave meats and salty things, you're having a boy, and those who crave sweet things and fruit or dairy are pregnant with a girl. That's to be debated, but it's fun to speculate! Did you have an odd pregnancy craving? 

    1. What’s that smell?

    Some women claim their urine smells different during pregnancy. This may be due to HCG levels which can cause a change in scent. Remember to keep drinking water, this will help with that smell and keep you and baby hydrated. 

    Pregnancy has all sorts of weird and wonderful symptoms and signs, but our bodies are incredible in the way that they tell us something is different. If you think you might be pregnant, the best thing to do is take an early pregnancy test and/or pay a visit to your midwife or doctor to arrange for a blood screen to confirm pregnancy. Early care is so important, so be sure not to wait! 

    Comfort cookies to save the day...

    For mama’s experiencing crazy cravings, all-day sickness or just in search of a sweet nourishing snack, Franjos Kitchen offers the most delicious Belly Bump biscuits packed with natural ingredients to support a happy and healthy pregnancy. The "perfect tummy settling snack” is free from dairy and eggs with a hint of ginger for that queasy feeling. They don’t contain any refined sugar, additives or preservatives. Only the good stuff! 

    Tell us, what was the symptom that gave it away for you?

    Happy Pregnancy lovely ones… xxx 

    Written by Aliza, from @Bumpnbub

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