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Mothers group morning tea

That's One Big Mothers Group Morning Tea

That was one pretty awesome Mother’s group gathering…. Can we do that weekly?

One Big Mothers Group Morning Tea

On Friday 17th August, we were lucky enough to be a part of the "One Big Mothers Group Morning Tea" at Epworth Hospital Geelong. Well done to the team at Epworth Hospital Geelong for putting on what was a truly insightful, inspirational and simply beautiful morning for mums and their babies to gather to talk, share experiences and enjoy the precious moments of motherhood together.

Epworth Geelong extended World Breastfeeding Week into a whole month – what a bloody great idea! They are a team of achievers working to protect, promote and support the breastfeeding journey and boy they are doing that, and indeed doing it very well.

“Breast milk provides a baby with all the nutrients they need in their first six months of life, but in Australia, the number of babies breastfed exclusively throughout this time is on the decline. We see lots of mums and understand the different pressures they face when it comes to feeding. Our bodies, society judgement, going back to work and our own expectations all impact the decision between breast and bottle.” Epworth Geelong. So, one of their initiatives in trying to boost the numbers of breastfeeding mums back up they hosted ‘One Big Mother’s Group’ - a complimentary morning tea for new mums. The event celebrated breastfeeding and openly discussed the challenges that many mums face in today’s society.

Delivering a presentation at One Big Mothers Group Morning Tea

I was fortunate to be one of their special guests to chat all things naturopathy and nutrition for mums, how Franjo’s Kitchen and our lactation biscuits were born (just one of our 6 children, business included!) and to pass on my journey and experiences as a mum. Along with the following incredible health professionals; nurse unit manager maternity Hayley Carter, lactation consultant Donna Christison, paediatrician Dr Philippa Shilson, Maternal Child Health Nurse Anna Col and Midwife/ Domiciliary Jo Alston we all shared our knowledge, encouraged the new and expecting amazing mums and hopefully left them all more informed, feeling super supported, nourished with delicious food and with an extra little kick in their step.

This is definitely something all mums should have the opportunity to attend and I really do hope many more hospitals follow the leading footsteps of Epworth Geelong to support new mothers. 

Group Conversation at the Mothers Group Morning Tea

To find out more about Epworth, take a look at their website and engage with their Facebook & Instagram

Jo Clark 

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