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how much water do I need to drink daily

Hydration? How much Fluid do I Need Daily?

Hydration? How much fluid do I need? Well that is a good question. 

My answer? Like most answers…. 

It depends….

So, I have a few questions for you.

If you answer ‘yes’ to most of them, then perhaps you are someone that needs to work on your hydration a little more. It might be time for you to take note of how much you are currently drinking. If you are drinking 1L per day then let’s bump it up by 25% and get in another 1 cup each day for the next week, then you bump it up again the following week after that, after two weeks you will be smashing 1.5L per day.  

Don’t try and go from 1L per day to 2.5L. This is unachievable. To make realistic, long term changes, go need to go slowly and to be disciplined. Smaller, more achievable goals gives you the ability to reach those goals and stay consistent.  The chances of you nailing this this new habit long term is much greater.  

Here are your questions:

Are you a big sweater? i.e. it does not take long (5-10min) to break out in a sweat. 

Do you exercise most days (purposefully, for more than 30min and you break a sweat)?

Do you sauna?

Do you drink coffee?

Do you drink alcohol?

Do you often feel thirsty?

Are you breastfeeding?

Are you pregnant?

Is your skin dry?

Are you thinking about aging and wanting to do all you can to inhibit those wrinkles from showing up?

Is your wee (urine!) a darker side / brighter side of yellow?

Can you go hours without going to the toilet? i.e 4+ hours?

Do you get headaches that you believe are associated with dehydration?

Do you loose a lot of salts in your sweat? A sure sign of this is that when you sweat your clothes can been ‘salt’ stained i.e. white marks on your bike shorts or hat?

So, how many did you get? Need to work on your hydration a little more?

It is true that you don’t want to be ridiculously hydrated / overhydrated and a clear sign of this is weeing every hour and your urine being super super clear / transparent. You want just a tinge of yellow – like lemonade. Take a look at the pic below. 

Where do you sit?

Many of us underestimate the importance of hydration. Here are just some of my favourite reason why we need to make an extra effort with it. 

  • Stabilises your mood
  • Ensures cells  - like your skin cells – are ‘plump’ and getting all the nutrition they need – think healthy, vibrant, wrinkle free skin ladies!!
  • Assists with energy production by transporting essential nutrients around your body
  • Clears your mind
  • Keeps organs functioning well
  • Can be an integral part of aiding sleep
  • Prevents unnecessary snacking
  • Keeps joints and tissues lubricated
  • Helps prevent infections

So, if you are dehydrated, imagine all of those points above in the opposite form. That could be you and simply because of inadequate hydration. 

Remember too that for every cup of coffee or standard drink of alcohol, you need at least 2 additional cups of water to cancel out the dehydration effects.

Struggling with bland old water? Just cannot bring yourself to drink it and drink enough? 

Then grab yourself some of our naturopath formulated hydration powder that is not only 100% natural but tastes amazing and will help boost the absorption of every sip you take!  

Keep sipping ladies 

(.)(.) Jo

motherhood hydration powder

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