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Love your Boobs

Love your Boobs: Best nipple creams, bras, cold packs and cookies

World Breastfeeding Week

To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week we want to give your best breastfeeding assets some love!  We’ve compiled a few of our favourite products to help support your boobs.


Best Nipple Creams

Little Bairn Nipple Cream

Little Bairn creates a beautiful organic nipple balm with coconut and avocado oils to moisturize and evening primrose oil, rose hip and calendula extract to repair damaged skin. Find it here.

The Hermosa Co Nipple Cream

The lovely Lydia from the Hermosa Co has just launched a beautiful nipple balm,  using Acai Oil and Calendula infused Olive Oil.  Just gorgeous, find it here.


Best cold packs

In those early days, sometimes your sore and engorged boobs just need some soothing coolness. Many mums swear by cold cabbage leaves and there are some really handy products available from your local pharmacy and even supermarket to get you through those first few days and weeks. A few ones we’ve tried are:

Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs, found in most pharmacies. 

Medela Hydrogel Breast Pads, found in most baby stores. 

We are also loving these Manuka Honey breast pads by Manuka Health


Re-useable breast pads

There are so many gorgeous companies creating re-usable breast pads these days that you’d be crazy to buy disposable ones:

Some of our Instagram faves are:

Little 12 Collection Nursing Pads

Find them at @little12collection

Milk Maid Mumma Nursing PadsLove your boobs 1

Find them at @milkmaidmumma

Eversweet baby Nursing Pads

Find them at @eversweetbaby


Best Nursing Bras

Lonely Label Maternity

Our absolute favourite maternity range is from Lonely Label. Beautiful, sexy, soft and practical. We can’t go past it!!! 

You can find them here



Biased? Us? Of course not. But as you all know, we do the best cookies, muesli and crackers going to nourish breastfeeding mums.

Franjos Kitchen Lactation Cookies

Shop the Franjo's Breastfeeding range here, including our bestselling lactation cookies - Tanker Topper Biscuits - Choc Chip


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