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brain fog, baby brain

Mum Brain, Baby Brain, Brain Fog, 'Mum-nesia' - Let's do Something About it!

Whether you have a newborn or a teenager, as mums, our minds and bodies are put through the ringer. Call it what you want but cognitive difficulties post-partum are real. Add in the pressure of a pandemic, hello Covid and well, what more can we say. The last 2.5 years have been a melting pot for many and mental health has been robbed. 

The ability to form coherent thoughts can take quite the effort, pausing mid story because a word has completely escaped you can occur more than you would like to admit and failing to recall what you did 3 hours ago can be rather shocking!

So, what has happened to our minds?

Our brain’s architecture changes during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. There is a loss of gray matter in mother’s brain in areas involved in social cognition. Some of these changes have been associated with supporting the ‘behavioural tasks of motherhood’ and ‘better attachment’ with her babies. So, in a way – some subtle aspects of memory are sacrificed to enhance other areas of cognition. 

Wonderful…..BUT – many of us are not quite up for this sacrifice.  Can’t we just have both? Please!? 

Being a beautifully loving mother as well as being able to string articulate sentences together – is this possible?


I feel the majority of the cognitive difficulties after giving birth is attributed to the feelings of overwhelm, low mood, hormonal changes, limited sleep,  inadequate hydration and diet, poor quality sleep when we get it, little rest and relaxation time and, in general; poor convalescence (time out to recover) post birth. 

The role of motherhood is relentless and takes its toll on so many of our systems – the gut, immune and nervous systems all take a beating. This in turn has a dramatic effect on our brain and mental health and we find ourselves rocking an empty pram, forgetting appointments and spending way too much time searching for car keys. 

As mum’s ourselves, we have experienced all of the above. Fran and I knew other mothers were the same and needed help - we wanted to develop something specific for this because we know, it can break mums entirely.  

The key ingredients aimed at improving cognitive function and reducing mental fatigue are often referred to as ‘nurotropics’. In our Motherhood Blend these ingredients include – the product Arepa (which combines L-theanine (from green tea), pine bark extract and the antioxidant rich neuroberry – blackcurrant),  the performance mushroom Cordycept miltaris, omega 3 rich seeds chia, flax and hemp, cacao powder and the beautiful herb maca. We have blended these ingredients with a number of other synergistic herbs and superfoods to help mums stayed fuelled, focussed and (almost completely) sane.

Sending strength and love knowing you can do something to help boost that brain back in to action.

Let us know if you have any questions about motherhood blend. It is for all mums – with  newborns to teenagers! We all feel it and need it.

Jo (:)(:)


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