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Saggy Skin, Wrinkles and your Stress Response…

Saggy Skin, Wrinkles and your Stress Response…

Who is getting caught up in the collagen craze? Yep. Us too. We love it! 

But whilst we are all for amazing products that have great results (I’m looking at you Tanker Toppers), we just want to ask you, to please, just take a moment. How are you really?

Mentally, how are you traveling? Running on 3 hours of broken sleep? A to-do list a million miles long? The pressure of life now post COVID, and trying to ‘keep up’  is perhaps all just too much? 

Snappy, forgetful, pissed off, distressed, anxious, a foggy brain, depressed, lethargic, low motivation, no stamina? All the feels? Are you feeling them?

So yep, possibly that collagen, you purchased if consumed at the appropriate dose and in a correct form may have some slight impact on your long term wrinkle situation and saggy skin state but I am sorry to say it will have no real impact on helping you and your body actually adapt or ‘cope’ with these situations spoken about above and help naturally prevent long term ageing. 

The constant stress you are under is one of the fastest ageing forces upon you right now. 

So can we tempt you, just a little to please take care of your nervous system, your brain and your almighty internal stress response? 

Did you know?

Our Motherhood Blend, if taken in a dose of 2 tablespoons contains the therapeutic dose of Arepa . Arepa  is made up of 3 ingredients itself -  the New Zealand blackcurrant as well as pine bark, and l-theanine. These specific ingredients have been scientifically proven to improve mental clarity, reduce fatigue, calm the nervous system and focused brain. They do this via many different pathways including increasing alpha brain wave activity, reducing and preventing inflammation, improving cerebral blood flow and supporting normal psychological functions… just to name a few.

The fact that we have combined the Arepa with a number of other phenomenal nervous, energy, digestive and brain supporting ingredients really makes our motherhood blend a go to for all mums for their long term, longevity and overall health.  

Start working on the cause ladies.

More to come in the next blog on some of the other super ingredients.

Jo (.)(.) 


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