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Supporting new mums at the Epworth

Supporting new mums at the Epworth

5 years in the making. We have done it.


It has been long on our list to nourish mums right at the source - at beginning of their breastfeeding journey.


Enter Epworth hospital.


We are so proud to be featured in the new Epworth Maternity Freemasons and Epworth Maternity Geelong’s beautiful gift box. Each box is filled with presents for both mum and bub. Lucky Mums.


Not only will Mum’s find our products in their gift box but Epworth Geelong Mum’s will be able to nibble on us allllll day! We are super excited to be on their Al la carte menu!


For all of the mum’s who are not quite ready to deliver their babe but are getting ready to do so and are heading to an Epworth childbirth educational session you get to enjoy a bickie or two there as well!


Epworth Maternity are leading the way in providing an outstanding experience for their mother’s. As mum’s ourselves we know what that first week is like. When a mother is given the care, attention and support she deserves it not only enhances her recovery but also the health of her baby. Everyone wins.


We all know nutrition plays a major role in one’s health and to know that each and every mum who births at Epworth Freemasons and Epworth Geelong have the opportunity to be nourished by our products makes our hearts flutter with happiness.


Enjoy Mum X

Fran and Jo

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