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Surviving the Holidays with a Baby

Surviving the Holidays with a Baby

Hello Mamas,

Fran here!I don’t know about the rest of you but I for one am hanging on by a thread to get to the end of the year. 2020, we couldn’t have imagined this year in our wildest dreams. 

As you all know, I had my third baby Hugo during Lockdown 1. With the support of my husband and now a nanny, I have continued working whilst looking after Hugo. All was going well until my unicorn baby stopped sleeping through the night and decided breastfeeding every 2 hours was the nicest way to spend the wee hours. It’s safe to say that I am heading into the festive season this year absolutely exhausted and soo ready for a break. 

But as you all know, Christmas + Family does not equal a holiday! So I thought I would share my tips for how I am preparing to get through the festive season alive! 

  1. Delegation - I bloody love Christmas, and I love tradition and keeping the joy alive for my children and family. But this year I am picking my battles and delegating as required. I simply can’t do it all and so I won’t even try. Whether it’s asking for help with the cooking, using a food delivery service, shopping online or getting your partner or friends to pick up a present that you can’t make it out of the house for - I am not doing it all by myself.
  2. Routine - I am trying my best to maintain a routine, both for me, and for my baby. Making sure I get a walk every day, trying to get to Yoga once a week, early bedtimes (knowing I’m up all night), I am trying to keep up our daily habits to stay centered.
  3. Saying no - right now, my world feels pretty small. My children, my house and my work with the occasional cameo from my friends. Whilst I wish I was out there socializing and getting into the Christmas spirit I know I don’t have capacity for it. The first year with a baby is really a short time, I promise, and there is lots of time for the Christmas parties next year. So this year, I am saying no, and being mindful of what I can achieve in a day on so little sleep!
  4. Self care - I am trying to be as kind to myself as I would be to a friend. Self care to me is making time for yoga, for a walk, for a nice face mask or an at home facial whilst watching something easy on Netflix (Virgin River I am looking at you). Self care for me is also being kind to myself in the way I speak to myself and the expectations I put on myself. Kind and positive affirmations really do make a difference so I try to redirect my thoughts if I am feeling stressed or under pressure. 
  5. Eating well - As a stressed and exhausted breastfeeding mother, eating well is SOO important for me right now. Lots of fresh vegetables, water and of course our Tanker Toppers lactation cookies. Taking 5 minutes with a cup of tea to enjoy them also fits into the self care bucket!  Maintaining my breastmilk supply for my growing babe is hard and I am so tired - what I eat matters more now than ever, so I am making sure I am fueling my body in the best way I can. 
  6. Being realistic - I know the next few weeks are going to be busy, and this means my baby might be dragged around and his routine might be impacted. Which will probably mean I will get even less sleep! So I am being realistic about this, I am surrendering to this season of my life and I know it won’t last for ever! 
  7. Champagne - I will DEFINITELY be having lots of champagne to help me survive this season! For those worried about breastfeeding and alcohol, I highly recommend you get the Feedsafe App and understand how it all works. Absolutely fine to enjoy that glass of bubbles, I know I will be!

Love, Fran xxx 

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