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Best Gifts for New Mums

10 of the Best Gifts for New Mums in 2023

(Written by the amazing One Fine Baby Team)

We get it… buying teeny-tiny 0000 denim overalls and snuggly bunny onesies is oh-so cute, but what about the special mum-to-be in your life? Doesn’t she deserve a beautiful gift, too?

Whether it’s a baby shower or the first visit in hospital, babies receive their fair share of gifts. And to be honest, newborns need a lot of stuff.

But, don’t forget about Mumma Bear too. From self-care luxe items to the practical things that make life easier, buying a gift for a new mum – that she will actually use – helps her feel loved and supported, even from afar.

To help share the love, we’ve wrapped up 10 of the best gifts for new mums.

So what are the main things to consider when choosing a gift for new mums?

1.  Franjos Kitchen x Bumpnbub Motherhood Hydration Powder, $55.95

Motherhood is thirsty work, which is why new mums and mum’s-to-be need a healthy dose of electrolytes to hydrate their hardworking body.

What makes Franjos Kitchen x Bumpnbub Motherhood Hydration Powder different?

Developed by experts including a naturopath and a midwife,  Franjos Kitchen x Bumpnbub Motherhood Hydration Powder is a 100% natural, low-calorie way to hydrate without caffeine or artificial flavours. It’s also gluten free, plant-based and Australian made. 

Available in two delicious flavours (Mixed Berry and Blood Orange), this hydration powder is packed with plant-based ingredients, such as coconut water powder, for the ultimate absorption. Basically, it’s an easy and refreshing way to boost your water intake. And, because it’s naturally sweet with delicious fruit, it’s easy to drink and tastes great!

Why gift  Franjos x Bumpnbub Kitchen Motherhood Hydration Powder?

A lot of mums struggle to drink water during pregnancy due to nausea and all-day sickness. It can also be difficult to get enough fluids during labour, and hydration is incredibly important for breastfeeding, the postpartum period and kid wrangling, making Franjos Kitchen x Bumpnbub Motherhood Hydration Powder the perfect gift for mums at all stages of their motherhood journey. 

Plus, keeping hydrated helps you feel more energetic with better brain function, better digestion and plumper skin. Isn’t that what we all want?!

We also love:

BodyICE Woman Woman Postpartum Ice Packs, because they are designed to help mothers ease their discomfort from childbirth and throughout breastfeeding. The range includes breast ice packs which are great for soothing breast engorgement, mastitis and pain and inflammation after breast surgery. 

Real customer review:

“As a breastfeeding mum it’s been tricky to keep up enough hydration during summer. This drink is super flavoursome and the perfect amount of sweetness to satisfy any sweet cravings due to dehydration! I wish I had found it sooner in my feeding journey.” – Amy B. 

2. Paire T-Shirt Gift Box, $142.20

Let’s be real…newborns are gifted with more than enough cute and comfy outfits – this one’s for the mama!

What makes Paire different?

With a feminine yet unique - and comfortable - take on clothing, socks and undies, Paire delivers high quality and teams it with style and quite simply, comfort! Understanding how important these things are for new and established mums is integral, as it’s a gift that can be appreciated in the small moments, when they’re tired, and perhaps a little depleted - and just want to feel comforted and taken care of.

Why gift a Paire T-Shirt Gift Box?

Unimaginably buttery soft, with Paire T-Shirts, your skin is getting a treat. Paire's BreezeBlend© Classic Tee is the softest tee you’ll ever own. Chic to wear, it feels good when you’re running, walking, sleeping, dancing and lounging! Choose two colours and they’ll arrive in a beautiful gift box, couldn’t be simpler.

Real customer review:

“Great t shirt while on a walking holiday, bought a medium and plenty of room. Dried very quickly and no smell at all and is very soft. Could have worn it for many more days before I washed it. Recommend it completely” – Wendy M

3. JSHealth Vitamins Skincare, from $29.99

If there are small treasured moments new mums can enjoy at home, it’s usually in the form of a skincare routine - but instead of just slapping on the same old moisturiser, the gift of something a little more luxurious could be the key. 

What makes JSHealth Vitamins Skincare different?

If you believe that skincare should be pure and powerful, yet simple to use and understand - the JSHealth Vitamins skincare range could be just the solution you’ve been searching for. The signature 4-Step Vitamin Skincare System is an expert-curated skincare regime designed for all skin types, to deliver an array of effective, science-backed vitamins, nutrients and botanicals to your skin with just 4 products. You will receive the Balancing Vitamin Cleanser, Pro-Collagen Vitamin Serum, Luminous Vitamin Oil and Probiotic Vitamin Moisturiser, plus a complimentary Gua Sha beauty tool.

Why gift JSHealth Vitamins?

No matter a woman’s particular preference, the JSHealth Vitamins skincare range will make a more than suitable gift. 

Real customer review:

“I have been using all products for 1 month and am enjoying them very much. I have noticed a significant improvement in texture and my skin now has a much more even tone, reduced redness. I look forward to further improvement as I continue to use these products. Thank you.” – Rose D

4. Tottie Baby Bag Backpack, $299

A nappy bag is one of those practical, must-have items for any new mum. But this is not just any nappy bag!

What makes Tottie Baby Bag Backpack different?

With 14 – yes fourteen – handy pockets, this stylish nappy bag has got your back, literally. Designed by parents, for parents, the Tottie Baby Bag Backpack will help keep any new mum stay organised when out and about with bub – or big kids.

Think water-resistant lining, spacious compartments, insulated bottle pockets and 100% stain-resistant vegan leather exterior, this bag has it all.  

Why gift a Tottie Baby Bag Backpack?

It’s fashion meets function, and a worthwhile splurge for the special mum or mum-to-be in your life. Designed to last the distance – from newborn to back-to-work, this is one gift that will keep on giving!

Real customer review:

“I LOVE my bag!! It has come everywhere with me over the summer, from bushwalks to beaches to dinners at friends. It fits everything I need for a day trip with my 3 primary school-aged kids, including water bottles. It has loads of different pockets, is super sturdy, and looks stylish too. Best bag I've ever had.” – Carena H.

5. Your Mindful Mama All-In-One Pregnancy & Birth Planner, $99.95

A first-of-its-kind planner, pregnancy book, journal and birth prep resource all in the one place.

What makes Mindful Mama All-In-One Pregnancy & Birth Planner different?

This unique and luxurious 450-page planner combines all the organisational must-haves when planning for a baby, and pairs it with an empowering approach to pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Not just a pregnancy journal, this beautifully presented pregnancy book is also filled with a lifetime of professional pre- and post-natal advice from a select panel of industry experts, including qualified midwives, naturopaths, nurses, doulas, international board-certified lactation consultants and many more.

Why gift a Mindful Mama All-In-One Pregnancy & Birth Planner?

Covered in a luxurious oat-coloured linen, this planner is a must-have for any mum-to-be. From keeping appointment times, tracking bump photos and scans, compiling to-do lists and writing a personalised birth plan, it’s a beautiful gift that’s as pretty as it is practical.

Every book also comes packaged in a gorgeous keepsake box, making it the perfect gift for the first, third or even sixth pregnancy.

Real customer review:

“This is so much more than a pregnancy planner. It’s like having a bunch of experts and friends in your pocket. It made the most beautiful gift for my sister-in-law who is expecting her first baby. I wish this was around when I had my babies!” – Sarah K.

6. Sleepybelly Pregnancy Pillow, $139.95

Getting a good night’s sleep in your third trimester is a rarity, but a pregnancy pillow can help mama’s-to-be catch some much-needed ZZZ’s.

What makes Sleepybelly Pregnancy Pillow different?

The Sleepybelly Pregnancy Pillow provides belly, back and side support to prevent back sleeping when pregnant. Designed to grow with your pregnancy, the width can be adjusted with Velcro attachments and its unique wedge support contours to your belly for ultimate comfort.

Why gift a Sleepybelly Pregnancy Pillow?

This is one gift the truly has mama’s comfort in mind. Not just for pregnancy, the Sleepybelly Pregnancy Pillow can also be used to prop bub during breastfeeding after giving birth.

Real customer review:

“Really enjoying my Sleepybelly. Love the versatility - being able to detach all the pieces means you can use it anywhere and everywhere. Super comfortable, super-fast delivery - highly recommend!” – Georgina S.

7. FaceMail Hold the Mother 3-Month Subscription, $39.95

What better gift than a trio of luxurious sheet face masks that help new mums look like they’re actually getting some sleep? It’s kindness, delivered.

What makes Facemail different?

Treat the new mother in your life with a Fourth Trimester subscription to FaceMail, where a luxurious Sheet Face Mask will be delivered to her door each month for 3 months to help prioritise a self-care in the chaos of mum life.

Why gift a Facemail Hold the Mother 3-Month Subscription?

Every new mum knows that a moment of self-care can be few and far between, which is why FaceMail is a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

1 x Pearl FaceMail Face Mask (Month 1): an illuminating mask infused with antioxidant-rich Pearl extract to protect against free radicals, help skin retain moisture and impart a healthy, natural glow.

1 x Milk FaceMail Face Mask (Month 2): a hydrating mask that deeply moisturises, protects and strengthens the skin barrier for a more vibrant, healthy-looking complexion.

1 x Honey FaceMail Face Mask (Month 3): a nurturing mask which helps to restore elasticity and impart a lovely afterglow, thanks to Hyaluronic Acid’s refreshing dose of hydration.

Real customer review:

“This is the perfect gift and so affordable!” – Gracie Jones.

8. The Dinner Ladies Meal Delivery Service

If there’s one thing any new mum will appreciate, it’s a healthy, homemade meal without having to shop, prep, cook or wash up! Say hello to The Dinner Ladies!

What makes The Dinner Ladies different?

The Dinner Ladies take away the stress of planning, shopping, preparing and cooking dinner – by delivering it straight to your door. What better way to let the new mum in your life know that you’re thinking of them than sending them a week’s worth of delicious dinners? We guarantee it will go down a treat!

Their meals are made from scratch, just like you would at home, and snap-frozen to retain nutrients. They have an ever-changing menu of Specials every month and make the most of seasonal produce and flavours.

Why gift The Dinner Ladies?

Many of their dinners come fully prepared, ready to heat in the oven or zap in the microwave after a busy day with bub. Some dishes need a bit of easy preparation, such as pan-frying, but the aim is to keep it simple and satisfying – never stressful! And that’s music to any new mum’s ears!

Real customer review:

“I originally used this service when I had my newborn, so I could continue serving nutritious foods to my family without pressuring myself to cook. I’ve since returned to work, and now we use this service to make our busy evenings run smoothly. The food is delicious! The meals (even the small) are plenty to feed our family and they are all so easy to prep. So glad I found this service!” – Sophie D.

9. The Sleep Teacher Newborn Sleep Guide, $100

Give the gift of a good night’s sleep – or at least help make those sleepless nights a little smoother with a newborn sleep guide.

What makes The Sleep Teacher different?

The Sleep Teacher Newborn Guide “Nurturing Sleep in the Fourth Trimester” is an online video module course designed to educate, nurture and support parents through the fourth trimester as they navigate a newborn, sleep questions, establish healthy sleep habits.

Not just a pregnancy journal, this beautifully presented pregnancy book is also filled with a lifetime of professional pre- and post-natal advice from a select panel of industry experts, including qualified midwives, naturopaths, nurses, doulas, international board-certified lactation consultants and many more.

Why gift The Sleep Teacher Newborn Sleep Guide?

We all want a good night’s sleep, but with a night owl newborn, this can be exhausting and often frustrating knowing where to start. We love that this course is a no-cry approach, and is not sleep training. Instead, it’s a guide to help new mums navigate the fourth trimester with realistic expectations. Plenty of cuddles are encouraged!

Real customer review:

“I purchased this program and implemented the advice for my second child. It was so great! My little one slept through from 3 months old, but not only that, I felt comfortable and confident when following the clear advice. Stark contrast to my first child's sleep experience. Thank you!!” – Caitlin.

10. ergoPouch Matchy Matchy Robe, $59.95

A silky-soft robe is the ultimate gift of luxury for any new mum – for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

What makes ergoPouch Matchy Matchy Robe different?

This gorgeous and luxuriously soft bamboo viscose robe drapes over the body for the ultimate in stay-at-home comfort. The ergoPouch Matchy Matchy Robe is ideal as a pregnancy robe, for the hospital bag, night feeds or simply wearing around the house. We’re obsessed with the oversized pockets, where you can store everything from the spare dummy, burp cloths, your phone and your lip balm.

Why gift an ergoPouch Matchy Matchy Robe?

Available in three stylish colours, and the option to pair with matching baby swaddles and suits (cute!), the ergoPouch Matchy Matchy Robe is a thoughtful, yet practical gift. 

Real customer review:

 “I bought this robe for my daughter who had just become a first-time mother. She has worn it extensively because it feels amazing, looks great and is of high-quality construction. I paired it with a matching outfit for my granddaughter, and of course, they look gorgeous together!” – Melissa H.

motherhood hydration powder

"Disclaimer: The One Fine Baby team are first and foremost mums - between us we have 21 children, and decades of experience in all things bump, baby and beyond. We regularly bring together our tried, researched and recommended products in a review style format such as this post. The articles include some paid inclusions which goes to helping us keep our audiences informed on the top products happening right here, right now in the parenting space. Please be sure that no product will ever be included in our articles, paid or otherwise, if it doesn’t deserve to be there."

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