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Adriennes breastfeeding story

Adrienne's breastfeeding story

We love sharing our customer's stories here on our blog

We hope that real life experiences might help you too. This too, is a response to Fran's own story and really shows how every persons journey is so different, yet similar in the feelings and emotions that we all feel. 

Thanks for your story and being so honest.

This is touching on a nerve at the moment as I have returned to work at 9 weeks and pumping for my little one who is at home with his dad.

I have not had a torturous breastfeeding journey, with all 'positives' - despite a rough c-section recovery. However I maintain, even though my son and I have done well, avoided mastitis so far, no tongue tie issues, good latch, no anxiety, good supply, etc - it still mentally dominates every day and night for me (should I get up and pump?) and the guilt for when my son is fussing at 5am and won't latch properly, I do sometimes burst into tears because IT IS HARD.

Even when it goes well, it's still a commitment. For someone who has never had to fathom living at a few hours each time, it can be restrictive and wonderful and challenging and horrible all at the same time. Honestly I don't even care about the benefits of breastfeeding over formula and for me, breastfeeding was just more convenient, I still struggle to continue and to let it go every week.

I hear stories of women persisting despite horrific toe-curling pain, recurrent bouts of mastitis, nipple trauma/damage and I am blown away. Breastfeeding and childbirth/pregnancy in general have only increased my absolute awe and respect for women and mothers everywhere, as well as it has also pissed me off the way they can be treated and judged in society for wielding absolute strength and power and should be commended every damn day.

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