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breastfeeding benefits for a mum

The Amazing Functions of Breastfeeding for a Mum

This ones for you Mum!

We often think breastfeeding is all about delivering optimal nutrition for the baby. Many mums are actually unaware of the amazing benefits that they are getting from carrying out this phenomenal, innate function.

Ladies, here is a list to get excited about and give you even more motivation to hang in there and ask for help if the whole feeding thing is getting tough. 

  • As soon as you give birth the hormone oxytocin skyrockets to help stimulate milk production and this also helps to reduce blood loss in the postpartum period
  • Oxytocin (is promoted during actual feeding time and with skin to skin contact)
    • helps support the brain and assist with the adaptation to motherhood
    • supports maternal responsiveness
    • promotes good maternal mental health and aids in protecting mum from the effects of stress.
  • When you breastfeed most mothers don’t have a period for up to 12 months post birth. This reduction in oestrogen exposure can actually be an advantage and reduce the risk of oestrogenic linked cancers
  • Lactation can assist with promoting the return to pre-pregnancy weight by assisting with the mobilisation of fat stores and restoring proper metabolic functions
  • Premature cessation of breastfeeding can increase one’s chances of post-natal depression
  • Longer duration of breastfeeding gives greater protection to:
    • ovarian, endometrial and breast cancer
    • heart disease
    • type 2 diabtetes and metabolic syndrome
    • alzheimer’s disease
    • osteoporotic fractures
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