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is my baby drinking enough milk

Is baby Drinking Enough Breast Milk? – key signs to watch out for

Key signs to watch out for

It is so tricky to gauge how much your baby is getting from your breast but here are a few key signs to watch out for.

  1. Less than 3 baby hand sized poos per day in the first month. This sign is not as reliable for infants older than 1 month old. Poo frequency varies considerably from then on.
  2. Less than 6 wet nappies per day
  3. Strong smelling and very yellow urine
  4. Slow weight gain or weight loss
  5. Painful nipples that is persistent
  6. Lack of ‘good drinking’ signs such as the ‘swallowing’  sound when the baby is at the breast
  7. Very sleepy babies -  in that first month it can be a real struggle to keep them awake to give them a ‘good’ feed. They simply are not at the breast for as long as one would hope
  8. Or the opposite – ‘sleepless’ babies because they are not feeding enough to settle them
  9. Poor attachment – baby is not effectively receiving the milk (cleft palate? Classic tongue tie?)
  10. Low supply – next blog will be on common reasons for low supply

I strongly suggest you chat with your lactation consultant if you feel your baby is not quite getting enough. They will be able to help establish if this is true or not. The biggest thing you need to do is to NOT STRESS. This is going to make it all worse. (I know easier said than done!) Get help as soon as you are not comfortable with the situation and the sooner it will be resolved. There's always an answer and a solution. I promise.

Jo, Naturopath xo

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