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Morning Sickness

Morning sickness!

Half to two-thirds

Of all of you beautiful pregnant first-trimester mums are currently experiencing morning sickness.

Thankfully, by the time second-trimester swings around this feeling often touted to be like being constantly ‘hung over’ subsides.

So, why do you get morning sickness?

There is so much going on within the pregnant body in those first 12-16 weeks. Massive hormonal and physical changes are taking place. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is hormone being produce in significantly high amounts in the first trimester and it is thought that the body’s reaction to this is one of the main causes of morning sickness. In addition, oestrogen levels are changing and one’s metabolism of carbohydrates is altered. These are just a few theories.  Also, it could be there to help protect the baby, by inhibiting you from eating anything that may harm the foetus.

Morning sickness is often worse when:

  • You are tired
  • You are hungry
  • You have eaten too many sweet / refined sugar based foods
  • You are thirsty
  • Your digestive system and liver is not functioning 100%
  • You are stressed and emotional
  • There are strong smells or tastes present
  • You over eat. Find that balance ladies.

Here are a few tips to help you get through this period

  1. Think probiotics, fermented foods, whole grains and lots of leafy greens to help settle and enhance your digestive system
  2. Drink more – make sure your fluids are at room temp / warm and add some plant material (i.e. herbal tea leaves, lemon, orange segments) and sip your water do not scull it
  3. Move your body - exercise daily. This will not only help your digestive system but your whole body in general, especially your mental  health
  4. Do not skip meals, eat well at each meal and do not compromise. Satisfy yourself well and do not let yourself get ‘too hungry’ throughout the day
  5. The more sweets you have the worse you will feel so try your hardest to pick better quality sweet treats… i.e. our ginger and apricot belly bumps!!
  6. Some foods will make you worse so listen to your body
  • Even if it was OK for your best mate to eat it just might not be right for you
  • If you experience phlegm (excess mucus) or you are constantly congested this might be a sign that your diet or a particular food is not working for you (i.e. dairy)
  • If you are feeling cold, fuel yourself with warming food. Warm / cooked foods are much easier to digest too and may also help your nausea.
  • Rest when you can. No superwomen here! Respect your body and your baby’s growth and development.
  • Get your hands on some quality essential oils and put an oil burner in your kitchen to help with those strong smells are getting to you. Peppermint and vanilla are terrific.


Focus on

    1. Quality grains and complex carbohydrates – wholegrain only (no white or processed products; this will worsen your morning sickness) – think oats, quinoa, buckwheat, whole wheat, spelt, brown rice, basmati rice, wild rice, red rice, black rice and quality sourdough bread, quality crackers….. ahhhh our charcoal crackers tick all the boxes!
    2. Protein rich foods including – legumes such as chickpeas (hommus!), aduki beans, lentils, fish (1-2 times a week – sardines and salmon), keep red meat to once a week, eggs 1-2 times a week, organic tofu and tempeh, nuts and seeds and wholegrains are all protein rich foods
    3. Good fats will help satisfy you – think avocado, extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil,  hemp seeds, flaxseeds, chia seeds

Food ideas

    1. Our belly bumps! – Our ginger tinged bumpers are loaded with ingredients naturally containing protein, good fats, fibre, and complex carbohydrates for a sweet snack and our crackers will hit the spot if you are craving savoury goodness. They also have activated charcoal in them which will help aid your digestion in addition to other wonderful superfoods picked especially for you!
    2. Quality sourdough wholegrain toast with avocado or your favourite dip
    3. Stewed fruits with linseed meal or nut and seed mix with coconut yoghurt
    4. Brown rice, congees and well-cooked grains
    5. Almonds and nut and seeds
    6. Vegetable or bone broths and slow cooked stews and casseroles with lots of nourishing vegetables, grains, legumes and occasionally meat. These are super nutritious, very hydrating and also very easily to digest


    1. Apple cider vinegar – 1tbs added to a cup of boiled water
    2. Ginger tea – freshly grated ginger to the size of a 50c piece, steep in boiling water for 10minutes, add honey to taste
    3. Mineral water with lemon juice but make sure you consume this away from meals and brushing teeth

Acupressure points

    1. Using pressure points or getting acupuncture may also be of benefit. Locate your nearest qualified Chinese Medicine practitioner and give that a shot!
    2. We love the peeps at



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