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Pregnancy Series Part 1

Pregnancy series part one - The early advice

We are starting to get more questions about pregnancy so Jo has been busy writing a five part series covering all your pregnancy questions. We hope you enjoy them! 


Do you need support?

If you have had a history of miscarriage or early pregnancy problems whether it be physical, mental and or emotional be sure to seek out people that can assist you during this time. Think naturopaths, Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncture, yoga therapy, kinesiologists, councillors… how can you get yourself and your growing baby through this initial phase well. 

Let’s cut out:

Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, artificial sweeteners, nitrites and nitrates (deli meats), excessive fish(mercury), raw dairy, raw eggs and soft cheese.

Other things to stay away from:

Radiation (not too many plane flights if possible), hot baths, saunas, cat litter, household cleaners, paint and other chemicals

Are you intolerant to anything?

If you have intolerance or allergies to any particular foods, now is definitely the time to be as good as you can and steer well away from them. For instance, if you know you do not handle dairy well; you get extremely congested and snotty, bloated, windy and have irregular bowl motions when consuming it do try your best to eliminate it 100%. The chances of your baby also having this problem will greatly increase if you continue to consume it whilst pregnant.

Organic is best

We all know the reasons why so do try your best to consume mostly organic produce especially those that are listed in the dirty dozen. Head to


Keep going! If you have a good fitness base to start with then there is really no reason why you should give up your fitness regime. Biggest thing here is to LISTEN to your body. If you are exhausted, have morning sickness or physical problems such as hip or pelvic pain then your regular sessions are not going to work for you. Pull back and get advice. As your pregnancy continues you are also going to have quite the obstacle – a big belly so you are going to have to make changes. Remember too this is not the time to ‘gain fitness’ but it is the time to maintain your fitness. Being a parent is physically challenging, not to mention giving birth. There are so many pregnant focused gym, pilates, yoga and group exercises classes. Get googling! It is also a great way to meet new friends. Keep fit ladies!

Gain weight wisely

Extra calories are needed but really not until the 2nd trimester

2nd tri – 340 extra calories per day (cup of brown rice, with one cup of broccoli and an apple)

3rd tri – 452 extra calories per day

These guidelines are for baby. If you are pregnant with twins, be mindful you may need a little more

Most pregnant mums put on approximately 10-15kg, this is ‘normal’ when one is at an ‘average’ weight to begin with. If you are underweight, you will most likely gain more and the opposite if you are overweight at the beginning of the pregnancy.

It’s not so much about the calories, it is about the nutrient density

Think phytonutrient dense foods, loaded with goodness. This is especially so in the first trimester when you do not need the extra calories. Make you get the best quality food in to you as possible. This is even more important if you are suffering from morning sickness. Whatever you can get in try and make it good. In this series we will cover the most important food groups and nutrients needed throughout pregnancy so be sure to read that one when it comes out!

Next week we talk all things morning sickness so stay tuned if this relates to you!

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