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Pom Poms - Franjos Kitchen

Remember making pom poms as kids?

Well now its time to pass down the tradition. Get busy creating!

1. Cut two cardboard circles. Cut a small round hole in the middle of each circle. Lay the circles together, without any overlap. Remember, the bigger the circles, the bigger your pom pom will be (and visa versa).

2. Wind the circles closely with yarn.

Wrap the first round reasonably tightly around the circles and quickly hold in place with the next round (hold with your fingers until it is secure).

Continue to wind the yarn around and around the circles, keeping the winding even and not leaving gaps.

If using delicate materials such as silk or cotton for an embroidery project, place the thread on a needle and work the thread around using the needle. If you are using wool or another heavy yarn, simply wind using your hands, as it is likely the ring will be wide enough for you to get fingers through. 

3. Continue until the circles are covered completely. Put the scissors in between the two circles of cardboard and cut open the wound thread or yarn around the outer edge. 

4. Draw a long piece of thread between the two circles. Tie and knot it firmly around the stitches that meet in the center hole.

Leave sufficiently long ends of thread hanging to form a loop by which the ball can afterwards be fastened to the heading of the fringe.

5. Cut and pull out the cardboard once the stitches have been knotted together.

6. Snip the thread with scissors until it becomes quite fluffy and the ball is perfectly round, as shown here.
7. Voila! Done.
Steps from wikihow.
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