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The general population snacks too much.

Too many people overconsume mainly because people do not nourish themselves properly when their body desires and actually needs fuel but also because they have been falsely educated that one much “keep their metabolism” going by eating every few hours.


As a mum, I have seen this first hand with my kids. When kids are given too many snacks throughout the day they are simply not hungry for a proper meal and so the cycle continues and it is difficult to get decent food into them.


Key are some of my key snack points;


  • The sensation of hunger is a good thing. Lots of us forget what this is like. It is advantageous for your digestive system among other bodily systems. So, try to have 3-5 hrs between meals and then 12-14hrs between dinner and breakfast.
  • LISTEN to your body – you really should not need any more than 1 or maybe 2 snacks a day.
  • Don’t worry – your kids won’t starve! You want them coming to you asking for breakfast / lunch and dinner. Have a think… do they currently?
  • It is all about quality, not quantity.
  • Are you just thirsty? Is snacking truly out of habit for you? Have a cup or tea or some warm water first.
  • Did you skip a meal or not eat properly? Tomorrow is a new day and work on eating satisfying meals.


So… your body is saying it needs a snack - here are some of my go to’s!


  • Fruit! The whole fruit, skin and all. 1-2 pieces is a great snack
  • 1 x piece of grainy sourdough or sprouted bread with nut butter, avocado or tahini
  • A cup of miso soup
  • Vegetable sticks with hommus dip or beetroot dip
  • Fruit or vegetable home made muffins
  • Small cup of muesli and nut, seed or grain milk
  • Handful of nuts
  • Handful of slightly toasted combination of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds – add some tamari whilst toasting in the pan
  • Home made bliss balls
  • A small smoothie (be conscious of smoothie sizes)
  • 1 x sushi handroll
  • Home made kale chips
  • Soyco marinated tofu cube
  • Stewed fruit
  • Half a corn on the cob
  • Franjo’s lactation cookies and Kooka’s Natural snacks of course!
  • Other than our Franjo's crackers – I do like the sakata brand (other rice cracker brands contain MGS and other additives), Ryvita, Real Food corn thins, Sun Rice thins, Vita Wheats

Occasional snacks:

  • Soft boiled egg
  • Goats cheese, quark or cottage cheese
  • Small cup of sheep or goat yoghurt with fruit, nuts or muesli
  • Small serve of left over meat i.e. chicken drumstick
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