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how to support a new mother

5 Tips for Supporting a New Mother

Something we remember all too clearly, is thinking “we wish we knew what those first few months of motherhood were like, so we could have been more supportive.”

We have written a blog on our top tips to support new mamas, because we know it can be hard to know the best ways to be supportive! 

1.) Bring around some delicious nourishing meals and leave on the doorstep for the new family!

The most perfect loving gift, the gift of food! The last thing a new family has time to do is cook. Although the family may not want any visitors, it can be so nice to pop some meals on their doorstep that will nourish the new mama and her family. 

Healthy, wholesome, and delicious meals - nothing better! 

2.) Check-in with the new mama on how SHE is coping and if there is anything she needs

We love the quote “Everyone wants to hold the baby, but who wants to hold the mother…” this speaks to us! It is so important a new mother feels supported and held by those around her. A simple message checking on how she is, can mean so much (we all know we can go from feeling low to high in seconds, thanks postpartum hormones!).

3.) Send a beautiful Franjos Kitchen Product!

Our lactation cookies are designed by mums, for mums. Created by a naturopath and nutritionist (and a twin breastfeeding mama) these delicious lactation cookies are put together in the most beautiful gift pack to help support a mamas milk supply, whilst providing a delicious healthy snack! Our beautiful packaging that reads “You’re doing an amazing job mama” is the inspiration and words every mama should hear!

4.) Help out with older children!

If a new mama has older children that may be in school, have activities or simply need some extra attention - why not offer to take them out and do something fun. This can give the new mama some precious quiet time to rest and bond with her new baby, whilst knowing her older children are safe and loved. 

5.) Help out around the house!

As mums, we know it can be so hard to ask for help. Rather than asking “can I bring you anything?” when going to visit, pick up the family's favourite foods! 

If you notice there are some extra household chores that you could do… through a load of washing on, wash the dishes or even hold the new baby so mama can have a shower or a rest! 

We hope these tips help you to support a new mother in your life!

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