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Healthy back to school lunch box treat

Healthy back to school lunch box treat

I made these delicious muffins a couple of weeks ago with my three little ones. Be sure to get your kids in the kitchen early on in life, it acts as a wonderful class room on so many levels! I know, it can turn out to be one heck of...

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Under the spotlight

Under the spotlight – Teff Flour

Is Teff the new quinoa? This new kid (well, old really) on the block is creating a storm in the superfood world.  This ancient grain, gluten free by nature caught my eye a year or two back. As good as quinoa is, it has a strong flavor and proves rather...

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mother holding baby

Energy boosting tips for Mums

...without relying solely on coffee!  Up 5 times last night with your little possum? Trying to squish in some work whilst the kids sleep? Whoops… did you skip breakfast? Running around after a toddler? Working long hours whilst also doing the parent thing? Feeding a 6 month old milk drinking...

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Easy Chia Jam

Easy Chia Jam for your lamingtons - or toast!

How To Make Easy Chia Jam *adapted recipe and pic from These lamingtons go PERFECTLY with this jam!   Makes 1 1/2 to 2 cups  Ingredients 2 cups berries or fruit of choice 1 to 2 tablespoons lemon juice, to taste 1 to 2 tablespoons of maple syrup or...

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Spelt, an ancient grain

More about spelt - a beautiful ancient grain

Spelt – a beautiful ancient grain  It’s Australia Day next week guys! So we found a beautiful vegan lamington recipe using this gorgeous grain and thought it was perfect to teach you a little bit more about it. We also have a great gluten free lamington recipe for anyone who...

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Australia day lamingtons

Australia Day lamington's with a twist!

With Australia Day just around the corner what better time to try a new lamington recipe. We have included both a gluten free version and a vegan spelt version so there's something for everyone! These were two recipes we certainly LOVED testing!  GLUTEN FREE LAMINGTONS *recipe and picture from The...

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Christmas ingredients

Here are my four favourite Christmas-y ingredients

Goji Berries photo courtesy of Huffington Post UK Goji berries: they are obviously a lovely red colour and one of the most healthy dried fruits, containing a decent amount of protein (rare for dried fruit!), high in fibre and rich in vitamin C. Add them to your cooking, breakfast, bliss...

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Motherhood - Mother in bed with baby


Motherhood, what a crazy-beautiful journey.   We embark on this adventure often bright eyed and ‘ready’ for the wonderful milestones, the cuddles, the cuteness and the fulfilling of our birthright, to be mothers.   However, like any part of our life, motherhood is full of polarities. The ups and downs...

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Jo with her kids - Breastfeeding Twins

Breastfeeding Twins - Jo's top tips!

There is no denying it, feeding a baby, whether it is a singleton or twins is extremely demanding on so many levels and in some cases it can be too much and yes just too hard and I can fully appreciate that. In my case I was lucky enough to...

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Breastfeeding baby

The Breastfeeding Series Part 2

How to breastfeed comfortably for both mother and baby Following on from Part 1, we now introduce Part 2 – How to breastfeed comfortably for both mother and baby Every mother and baby combination is unique, and there is no single way to breastfeed that is right for everyone. Research into...

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EIGHT simple self-love acts you can slip into your busy day!

I vaguely remember the first few weeks after I brought my daughter into thisworld; I was sore, exhausted, confused, questioning what the heck I had gottenmyself into and of course completely smitten with our little miracle. The days slipped away and the evenings were often crazier. My former,somewhat carefree, life...

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The Breastfeeding Series Part 1

What to expect in the early days after your baby is born by Lois Wattis We are thrilled to present a three part series written by Lois Wattis  RN CM IBCLC FACM and author of the fabulous book New Baby 101 - A midwife's guide for new parents. Part 1:...

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