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breastfeeding mother on bed with newborn baby

The Amazing Functions of Breastfeeding

This ones for you Mum! We often think breastfeeding is all about delivering optimal nutrition for the baby. Many mums are actually unaware of the amazing benefits that they are getting from carrying out this phenomenal, innate function. Ladies, here is a list to get excited about and give you...

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Gluten and dairy free pancakes

Gluten & Dairy Free Banana and Pecan Pancakes.

Gluten and dairy free pancakes We can’t let a Shrove Tuesday go by without providing you with a delicious, healthy pancake option that is Gluten and Dairy free so perfect for those with intolerances but also taste AMAZING. No one misses out around here!  The oat flour may be an...

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Summer fruit icy poles

3 ways with summer fruits

How good is the fruit at the moment? So sweet and full of flavour. If you’re extra lucky, you might even have some of these beauties growing in the back yard. We love the versatility of summer fruits so have prepared our top three ways to help your little one...

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Breastfeeding mother

Let's talk boobies with Lauren Kapovic

Lauren has been kind enough to let us re-publish her blog post below on all things boobies. We loved reading it and there are some great pieces of advice in there!  LETS TALK BOOBIES  A little while ago, I posted a poll on Instagram asking whether you guys would read a...

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small baby holding hands with mother

Three people every new mum needs in her life

..and who she doesn’t! (for now anyway). When you have your first baby, everyone is so excited for you, they come and visit, shower you in gifts and praise. It’s all rosy! Then new mum exhaustion kicks in, sore boobs, the need for space. This is when you need the...

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Delicious Ginger Bread

Delicious Gingerbread that is actually good for you

Delicious Ginger Bread Gingerbread is an absolute favourite around here but most of the delicious recipes are packed full of refined flour, sugar and poor quality fats and dairy. Not to say these aren’t delicious but when you are eating the quantities we do then you need a healthier option...

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Franjos Kitchen Muesli

Milk boosting daily meal plan

When you are breastfeeding and just generally trying to keep up with life, sometimes you need someone to do the thinking for you.  To help take some thinking out of your day, I have pulled together some great meal ideas that will help boost your milk supply and as an...

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Tips to helping milk supply

Tips to help you bring your milk in and boost supply

Like so many of the tasks that make up the motherhood job, breastfeeding can be bloody hard. So many of us struggle with the whole ‘milk thing’. We are anxious in the days pre-birth about how it will all ‘work’ and then post birth about ‘when the milk will come...

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Healthy drinks and snacks on table

Freedom Friday's

It's been a bit of a reflective time around here of late. Perhaps it is the warmer weather, daylight savings and just the general feel around the place but it's got us thinking about our Friday night's pre children v's Friday night's post children.  Fran has a brilliant tradition so...

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Easy to cook chicken broth

Easiest meal ever, plus one of the most nutritious…

Chicken Broth So, I think hands down one my little one’s favourite meal is chicken broth with rice. Matilda literally sets herself up at the table with two bowls. One full of the broth goodness and the second of basmati rice. All placed perfectly on 2 napkins and a spoon...

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