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8 early signs that could indicate there’s a bun in the oven!

8 early signs that could indicate there’s a bun in the oven!

Feeling a little different? Not quite sure what it is? Are you possibly expecting? Today, we run you through some of the earliest pregnancy signs.  Some women experience symptoms as early as one week after conception, while others may only experience some of these after a few weeks. Regardless of when you experience symptoms, it's important to know what to look out for. 

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Francesca Woods with new born baby

Post Baby Blues, or something more?

Frans story and PANDA Mental Health Checklist... This week is PANDA awareness week. I have spoken before about my struggles after having Margot and today I want to open up a little more about the signs and symptoms I experienced. I have always been impacted by hormones, and during my pregnancy...

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Mothers group morning tea

That's One Big Mothers Group Morning Tea

That was one pretty awesome Mother’s group gathering…. Can we do that weekly? One Big Mothers Group Morning Tea On Friday 17th August, we were lucky enough to be a part of the "One Big Mothers Group Morning Tea" at Epworth Hospital Geelong. Well done to the team at Epworth Hospital...

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19 Breastfeeding Myths

19 Breastfeeding Myths New Mums need to know about

Introduction Having a baby is both one of the most beautiful and most confusing times in our lives, everyone believes they know 'the' wisdom nugget that will change your life and they love to share it with you, whether you ask for it or not! Resident Naturopath & Nutritionist Jo Clark, has set...

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Love your Boobs

Love your Boobs: Best nipple creams, bras, cold packs and cookies

World Breastfeeding Week To celebrate World Breastfeeding Week we want to give your best breastfeeding assets some love!  We’ve compiled a few of our favourite products to help support your boobs.   Best Nipple Creams Little Bairn creates a beautiful organic nipple balm with coconut and avocado oils to moisturize...

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The general population snacks too much. Too many people overconsume mainly because people do not nourish themselves properly when their body desires and actually needs fuel but also because they have been falsely educated that one much “keep their metabolism” going by eating every few hours.   As a mum,...

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Franjos Kitchen - Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

Whether you are a Pregnant mum, a breastfeeding mum, a parent of a toddler or young child or you are past all that and just thinking of yourself then…  we have a snack for you.  Are you: A Woman, Man or a Child? Pregnant and want something that will actually...

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Francesca Woods with newborn baby

Why I quit breastfeeding at day 5

5 days in and I literally felt like I was in hell. I quit breastfeeding.   Margot was my second baby and things had not well from the beginning. I had a very difficult pregnancy with an unwell husband and developed a huge (7x11cm) subchorionic hematoma. I bleed almost daily...

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Basket of nutritious vegetables

Key nutrients to think about when breastfeeding

Nutrients to think about Did you know that some nutrients in your breastmilk are impacted by your current nutritional status where as others are not?  Calcium for example is actually mobilised from bone during the early stages of breastfeeding, so in other words you can eat as much calcium rich...

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Breastfeeding mother

Let's talk boobies with Lauren Kapovic

Lauren has been kind enough to let us re-publish her blog post below on all things boobies. We loved reading it and there are some great pieces of advice in there!  LETS TALK BOOBIES  A little while ago, I posted a poll on Instagram asking whether you guys would read a...

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